Five Things To Grab When Your House Caught Fire

How stupid of me! Got confused yesterday. Posted an entry for Jan 28 when it was the 29th already. Boooo. 😀 

I didn’t have time to look into the window. Yeah, I’m lazy like that. So, I’ll just skip that and proceed to the 30th. Today’s the 30th, right?

Five material things I’d surely grab if my house caught fire, what are they? Still following 365 Days of Writing Prompts.

1) Bag of personal documents.

Yes, my mom, sister and I have actually collected all documents (birth certificates, tax returns, diplomas, baptismal certificates, police clearance, passports, bank books) and put it in one bag and keep it under the television set. You’ll never know when disaster would strike so an easy-grab bag is really helpful. Saves you the hassle to get those documents again.

2) Pile of books and DVDs.

Last New Year’s, my cousin visited our place and she blurted out that our house looks like an office. You can see books lying around the corners. My shelf is already full with some (yes, some) of my books and DVD collections. It’s not gonna be a hard task to bring this one out. I invested money on these that’s why I have to save them.

3) My favorite pullover.

I bought this blue pullover at a Gap sale. It has an east-meets-west design and definitely one of my favorites!

4) My shoes!

I am very much particular with the shoes I buy. They all look similar because I only buy mid- to high-cut shoes. I don’t wear sneakers. So, yeah, my shoes are precious to me.

5) Laptop.

My mom uses it more than I do. So I believe she’d hug me if I save this one.


But of course, I’d never want our house to burn down. But it’s always better to be ready than be sorry later. So I’d encourage y’all to do #1. 🙂



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