Articles to Help You Start Your Novel

Happy Chinese New Year!


I am keeping myself busy at this moment by reading these articles. Thought of sharing it with you! Might help 😉

1) Snowflake Method – This article is very informative. It would definitely help you organize your thoughts before writing. Personally, I find it too structured that I’m afraid I become too hooked into tying-up loose ends up front and leave my thoughts while doing the actual writing limited.

2) 5 Tips from Writer’s Digest – Write what you feel. I’m totally digging this!

3) 7 Tips Everyone Can Use from Writer’s Digest – If a character isn’t flawed, why write? Right?

Oh, I’m getting excited already. Thank God it’s almost the weekend, I’m gonna camp in one corner of my favorite coffee shop and start daydreaming. 😀

Write away! 🙂

Hope this helps. If you have articles to share, drop it in the comment box! Cheers!

Photo from Discover Cook Islands.


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