Two Shots of Espresso!

So it’s been 13 months since the last time I’ve updated this blog! Got carried away with work and travel. I’m away almost every last week of the month since I got back from Maldives. Guess the travelling dude inside was fully awakened after that awesome trip! 

But here I am, back again to writing. Lots have happened since the last time I am here. But I still don’t have that story I’ve been wanting to write. 😦

What brought me back? Let me tell you…

A year ago… About a month ago after I’m back from my first out-of town trip, I’ve been awfully busy with work. Lots of changes! Lots of developments! I think it was a Thursday night, on my way home after a long day in thr office, I glanced at my favorite Starbucks and saw this guy. I was in the car and my driver was just around the intersection, about to turn left away from the shop. But I caught a good glimpse of his face. He’s tan with a shaved head and a set of two deep eyes. From where he’s standing I know he’s way taller than me. He was wearing a black apron. A coffee master…

TGIF! I forgot about this new barista I saw the other night until I logged off. Was planning on going home but then again, thought I’d drop by Starbucks. It’s Friday anyways! A frappuccino won’t hurt to pat my own back after a full week.

The familiar faces behind the counter know my drink so I didn’t have to order up. One of my closest has introduced me to the newbie. John. He was too shy for a barista. And actually for a guy who’s six foot tall. I grabbed my drink and stayed at my favorite spot for about an hour with my book. I can’t even understand what I was reading as I kept on stealing glances to John. I stopped myself before he caught me. So I said goodbye to my barista friends. But I was too shy to say bye to him. Can’t even look at him!

I was almost always in my spot after work after that night.  Been that way before I even realized his existence so people around didn’t suspect anything. I grew comfortable on him. No stealing glances anymore. 😉

I particularly like the table which became my “spot” in that coffee shop because it’s the one closest to the bar. Whenever he’s stationed there, I’d look up from my book and watch him call out the drink. He’d look at me and smile before I go back to reading. 

Weeks had past. It’s the middle of summer. My work friends and I planned on traveling north to surf! I brought my stuff to the office. Finished work early so I went down to get me a daily dose of coffee (and John, lol) while waiting for our departure. I was lucky because he was at break. He sat on the vacant seat opposite me. I’m no conversation-starter. So was he! I threw questions which he answered with no return question. No fillers in between so awkward silence it was! But when I mentioned about surfing. He was all fired-up!

Apparently, he and his barista friends went to the same beach we’re going to just a few weeks ago. He repeatedly told me to take extra care as waves are really violent. I was floating at that moment!

After four hours of driving, we finally arrived at our destination. I was in Facebook during the whole trip and stumbled upon his page. I’m Facebook friends with the othrr baristas so he appeared on the suggested people. I was reluctant to add him up because we’ve only had one conversation since we met. But I know myself too well I guess so I was not surprised when I clicked on the add button. In less than ten minutes he accepted my request.

We didn’t have a stellar conversation. He’s a man of few words. But it ended up with phone numbers exchanged. I slept for half a day on our first day of tour. When I awoke, we exchanged a few texts from time to time. 

Those little pockets of communication via Facebook and texts and my constant coffee orders led to a movie date. Actually we went out twice. Both times I wished it ended with a kiss.

The second time we went out, we saw a movie. Godzilla. We then ate at a nearby Mexican place and hopped to Friday’s for drinks. I drink occassionally but I think this was one of the nights when I drank one too many.

He had 13 glasses of mojitos! While I, trying to keep up, had 10! He kept on checking up on me if I’m still fine or what. We had a better conversation then as we got to know each other deeper. But his guard was still up so high despite intoxication.

Night ended with him meeting another friend. He walked me to the taxi bay but I told him to go ahead and not wait for me to hail a cab. He went and I was left to my thoughts.

After a while, a cab has finally arrived. When I was safely seated at the back, I pulled up my phone from my pocket and sent him a text message. Thanked him for a great night then spoiled everything… I told him I liked him! As soon as I hit send, I felt it was too soon. 

He responded with thanks. But without any regard to the other thing I mentioned. I pushed it and asked him about it.

Turned out he’s straight. Got me all confused because I thought he was gay. Not that he acted that way but the way we connected and how he treated me, I thought there was something more in there. Also, the fact that he went out with me twice came across as a signal of what could be brewing. 

I seriously felt bad while the cab hit the main road as if it were the only vehicle in there. I initially regret my impulse of telling him that I like him but it turned out to be a good thing somehow. At the least, I won’t have to linger to the hope that there might be something between us.

Earlier today, I was back in my usual spot in Starbucks. He’s not there anymore. He’s still a barista but in a Starbucks two blocks away. I was busy feeding my eyes with Game of Thrones when somebody tickled me. I was too engrossed with the book but I looked up and saw John. Totally unexpected! His head is still shaved and his body is as bulky as before.

“What are you doing here?!!” I asked with utmost surpise in my tone. 

Since it’s summer again, he’ll be joining the group’s trip to a nearby beach. I remember another barista friend mentioning it to me just the other but I totally forgot when it was. I pulled my bag from the chair opposite me so he can sit. I saw him think twice but he sat. He asked me how I am and told him I’m doing great. He looks better than the last time I saw him. He’s not donning his black apron but a grey shirt, shorts and Sperry shoes. All ready for the beach.

As what he always do whenever he smoke, he’ll leave the table and go outside for a few minutes. He knows I don’t like cigarettes. The first time he did this was when we were in Friday’s torturing our livers with mojitos. I always feel excited when I watch him walking back towards me. 

But this time, after he told me he’ll smoke, he didn’t come back. I didn’t expect him to, too. I finished up the Bran chapter I’m reading, tucked the book in my bag and left. 


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