Five Things To Grab When Your House Caught Fire

How stupid of me! Got confused yesterday. Posted an entry for Jan 28 when it was the 29th already. Boooo. 😀 

I didn’t have time to look into the window. Yeah, I’m lazy like that. So, I’ll just skip that and proceed to the 30th. Today’s the 30th, right?

Five material things I’d surely grab if my house caught fire, what are they? Still following 365 Days of Writing Prompts.

1) Bag of personal documents.

Yes, my mom, sister and I have actually collected all documents (birth certificates, tax returns, diplomas, baptismal certificates, police clearance, passports, bank books) and put it in one bag and keep it under the television set. You’ll never know when disaster would strike so an easy-grab bag is really helpful. Saves you the hassle to get those documents again.

2) Pile of books and DVDs.

Last New Year’s, my cousin visited our place and she blurted out that our house looks like an office. You can see books lying around the corners. My shelf is already full with some (yes, some) of my books and DVD collections. It’s not gonna be a hard task to bring this one out. I invested money on these that’s why I have to save them.

3) My favorite pullover.

I bought this blue pullover at a Gap sale. It has an east-meets-west design and definitely one of my favorites!

4) My shoes!

I am very much particular with the shoes I buy. They all look similar because I only buy mid- to high-cut shoes. I don’t wear sneakers. So, yeah, my shoes are precious to me.

5) Laptop.

My mom uses it more than I do. So I believe she’d hug me if I save this one.


But of course, I’d never want our house to burn down. But it’s always better to be ready than be sorry later. So I’d encourage y’all to do #1. 🙂



Childhood Scars

So I’m following Daily Post and I stumble upon the 365 Writing Prompts which encourages you to write daily and gives you something to write about. And since I have a few surplus hours while sitting here in my office desk, why not spend it honing my writing skills? Might be able to come up with a thing or two about that novel I wanted to pursue along the way.


Jan 28’s topic is about a childhood place you love that is destroyed. Instead of doing an ode to it, I’d rather do a memorial to my childhood in general. I didn’t have an easy, happy lifestyle growing up. I have a drunken father and a weeping mother. Nights are usually spent for resting to prepare for school the next day. But mine was restless. I usually got up in the morning with red eyes, tired from last night’s wailing.

I remember I was seven or eight when I usually sleep with a pillow covering my whole head. Not that I don’t want to breathe but I just don’t want my father to hear me crying. And I don’t want to hear him shatter our little pieces of furniture. We don’t have much, yet he had the strength to break them. I remember I was thirteen or fourteen when the school administrator of the high school I was attending as a freshman  told me that I cannot carry on studying because of our outstanding tuition debts. I cannot go to any other public school because they won’t release my credentials. My parents cannot pay for my tuition because I have two sisters who are in college. So I waited a year for one of them to finish so they can get a job and pay for my studies.

I was fifteen or sixteen when my father finally got a decent job as a baker in one of the big hotels in Asia. He had to live home and just remit money every month so we can buy food on our table. I admit I am relieved more than anything else. Finally I found peace at home. No more sleepless nights. No more red eyes in the morning.

I am now twenty-three. I have already earned an undergraduate degree and now working in a global investment bank. I still live in the house where my father used to rattle every night. I still see the scars in the wall and the stains in the floor which always remind me of the rough childhood I had. I was afraid I’d grow up angry. I was afraid I’d toss back to the world all the sufferings I had endured. But with all the bad things that has happened, better things have come out of it.

To my childhood, thank you for making me strong. Thank you for teaching me how to look into the goodness of people.

I might’ve digressed too much. But I felt good writing it. 

Photo from Life as a Divorced Dad.

If Writing Is Not Your Day Job, Are You Still a Writer?

My everyday struggle.

Waiting Outside of Parnassus

At what point is one allowed to call oneself a writer is a question that I’ve spent far too much time contemplating. When I was younger, I would shy away from calling myself a writer because my writing wasn’t serious, wasn’t good, wasn’t published, wasn’t published in a paying magazine, and myriad of other reasons. I now say that the only thing that makes a person a writer is that they write (something I’ve heard a lot of other people say for a long time before I accepted its obvious truth). As long as I spend a good portion of my time getting words on the page, I am a writer. Maybe not a good one, a successful one or any other qualifier, but I am inarguably a writer, though there is always a little (or huge) part of me that doesn’t think I can call myself one. Part of the…

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Okay, okay! Two quarters have past, a new year has begun and I’m only updating this site now. What a bummer, eh? Well, I got quite a lot on my plate, you know, juggling work, social life (no matter how little I get) and some good family time.

So what do I want to write. Well, for the past few months, I’ve been trying to write. Not just scribble words that don’t make sense but write something which can be published. Back in December 2013, I attended this seminar conducted by a local publishing company about the steps on how to write a book. Got a few insights here and there, sparked some ideas but up to now, I have a blank pad! It’s getting frustrating.

Though it’s great that self-publishing is possible. But my problem is, what do I publish? I want to write a novel. But starting from nothing is not an easy step. Not that I’m complaining but it’s really so frustrating right now.

I hope by the next post, there’s some good news!


Will try to update more regularly. 🙂

Well, hello there!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

New site, new stories/posts, new everything! Though I’m not unfamiliar with WordPress and blogging in general, I’ve decided to have some kind of a rebirth. This blog I entitled Side Effects of You mainly because it would be my avenue to share anything and everything that’s happening in my life with some people I interact with. I have some stories, some short and some are series/novel-ish, in line which I hope you’ll like and share with others.

I am basically a lover. An over-sensitive guy showing affection to other guys. 🙂 But up until now, I’m unlucky. Still looking for the right one and finally be my cure.

So right now, please enjoy as you read through my dose for sanity.

Talk to ya later!

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