It finally dawned me, the story I’d like to write!

It hit me while I’m walking in an alley towards my friend’s car under the afternoon sun yesterday. Last time we saw each other was almost half a year ago. He knows I’m pissed at him (verified by my angry and mean Facebook messages). A bit shallow, but I got mad just because he doesn’t show up whenever I invite him for coffee. I was afraid we’re growing apart. 😦

A few steps away, I realized that, for the first time, I’d be sitting in his backseat. He’s got a new girl I’ve only met yesterday. So it’s time for me to give her the space I once occupied. Not that we had that kind of relationship before. But, you see, whenever we hang out, there’s this unwritten rule with our little circle that the passenger seat is mine. But not anymore.

I will be getting inspiration from this. Maybe I’ll write some scenes based on what happened that night. But taking the backseat is gonna be center of my work.

Can you think of any instance in your life when you need to do the same? Comment below!