No words can describe how beautiful this place is! These are little paradises scattered in the Indian Ocean! I feel blessed and lucky to have been visited six islands in the south atoll.

This vacation, though expensive, worth every dollar! Wish I could stay longer (have been island hopping for 5 days!)

Tomorrow, will be leaving for Kuala Lumpur before going back to Manila.

Will be posting photos soon from my camera when I’m back home 🙂


Pre-Adventure Excitement!

I got so busy the past week and I haven’t got a chance to write anything. 😦 Had a few meetings and trainings before I leave the office. I didn’t even had time to check my phone. But all’s good. Everything has to be perfect before I go.

It’s almost midnight here in Manila, another weekday is about to start. But not for me! I’m officially on vacation. My flight to Malaysia is on Tuesday morning. It’s going to be my first time to leave my beloved country. I’ve been to key cities in the three major islands of the Philippines but haven’t got a chance to see other countries. I’m so stoked to be finally be experiencing a new culture. Though they don’t differ much (after learning the Philippine heritage history), I’m sure I’m gonna find some pleasant differences.

So I’ll be gone for 9 days — a trip to Malaysia and Maldives. Maldives!!! That’s on the top of my bucket list! Thank God, we found a cheap flight from Kuala Lumpur to Male, Maldives’s capital. I am so looking forward to see their international airport which, from what I’ve read, is only six feet above sea level! And of course, the numerous atolls and islands! I think we’ll be able to visit a few, around five or something.

So, after hibernating like a bear, I am almost done with my luggage. I only need to hit the mall tomorrow to get a few board shorts, boxer briefs, body spray and socks. Yeah, I need to list ’em down so I won’t forget. 😀

I also have a new camera. Can’t wait to share with you guys the things I’m gonna see!

Anyone here have visited/or from Malaysia and/or Maldives? Thoughts?

Please pray for my safe flight!:)