Okay, okay! Two quarters have past, a new year has begun and I’m only updating this site now. What a bummer, eh? Well, I got quite a lot on my plate, you know, juggling work, social life (no matter how little I get) and some good family time.

So what do I want to write. Well, for the past few months, I’ve been trying to write. Not just scribble words that don’t make sense but write something which can be published. Back in December 2013, I attended this seminar conducted by a local publishing company about the steps on how to write a book. Got a few insights here and there, sparked some ideas but up to now, I have a blank pad! It’s getting frustrating.

Though it’s great that self-publishing is possible. But my problem is, what do I publish? I want to write a novel. But starting from nothing is not an easy step. Not that I’m complaining but it’s really so frustrating right now.

I hope by the next post, there’s some good news!


Will try to update more regularly. 🙂